A Metal-Haters Story - Dedicated to Jan M.

Im Englischunterricht hatten wir als Hausaufgabe auf in einer Woche irgendeine Fantasiegeschichte zu schreiben in der alles passieren durfte was man wollte.
Bei der Geschichte die ich geschrieben habe und auch heute vorgelesen hatte, dreht es sich um einen Kerl der in einem wirren Traum mit Metal konfrontiert wird obwohl er diese Musikrichtung hasst. Die Story ist meinen Metal-hörenden Freund Jan M. gewidmet, so auch der Titel der Story. Ihm und meiner Englischlehrerin hat die Geschichte wirklich sehr gefallen.

Bevor ihr die Geschichte lest will ich aber noch sagen, ich bin kein Metal-Hasser. Ich höre auch ganz gerne ein paar Songs in diese Musikrichtung. Warum dann so eine Geschichte geschrieben habe? Keine Ahnung. So wie sich die Hauptrolle benimmt, so stand ich auch mal zum Metal. Ist aber auch schon lange her. :D

Falls ihr irgendwelche grammatische Fehler findet liegt das daran, dass meine Lehrerin, als ich das im Unterricht vorlas nicht auf der Fehler geachtet und korriegiert hat. Sie hat nur auf die Geschichte selber geachtet. Also, viel Spaß!

A Metal-Haters Story - Dedicated to Jan M.

The last thing I clearly remember was that I sat on the toilet and shit the hell out of me. I guess I have eaten anything wrong. I also know that in the radio played a metal-band. I think it was 'Children of Bodom'... Anyway, now I lay down here on the ground in a damn forest. What the hell is going on here? I walk through the forest and reach finally after a long time the end of the green madness. In front of me I see a little village with old stone houses. It looks like a normal village. In a quiet second, when the birds stops to sing, I can hear guitars and drums. It hears like the terrible metal-music that my friend listen to everytime.
I walk to the village and when I reach it I see no person, like there would no one life. After a while I find a lot of people stand on a big place like a marketplace and listen to this terrible music. It feelt like my ears would explode. I tried to talk to a man with long hair that shakes his head and do a headbang. "Excuse Me, please!", I shout, but the man don´t react. I shout again, this time louder. "Excuse me, please!" The person look at me.
"What´s up dude? I want to rock so ask fast.", he said.
"I want to know where I am and what is this terrible music?"
His eyes becomes big. "This is 'Finntroll', one of the awesomest metal-bands on the earth.", he answered. "Do you really don´t know them?"
"No, I don´t. But anyway. Where I am here?"
"This is 'Wakken'. The town with the biggest metal-concert."
"Oh god, I have to go away. This terrible sounds make me crazy. I think my ears starts to bleed!" After I said that I run away, back to the trees. When I reach them I fall down to the ground and listen to the wonderful songs of the birds. "Holy Shit. Why I´m here? I want back to my damn toilet."
Suddenly I become very tired and finally fall in into sleep. When I wake up I lay in a bed in a hospital. My mother sits on a chair next to me. "What´s happened?", I ask her.
She answered, that I have a very bad food poisoning and I´m fallen in powerlessness on the toilet. My stomach becomed pumped out, but I will be healthy soon.
Damn, that was a horrible dream. I never will become a metalfan.... Never....

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